Frequently Asked Questions

What services are included?

Experiences with feelings
Based on insiders knowledge about Portugal, our mission is to share with you the feelings of exploring the most unique & secret places, and make sure your experiences are unforgettable.

You choose the pick-up point
All tours include transportation - by van or car - from a point of your choice to the tour starting point, as well as drop-off to a location of your choice.

Comfort and welfare
Your comfort and welfare is insiders priority. Therefore all experiences include several extras, such as Transportation with Air-Conditioned, Internet Wifi, Portable Music, Power Bank for phone charging, a City Map and surprise gifts.

Keep the best moments
If accepted by participants, insiders will also make a short movie of your tour, as well as an album of pictures we may take along the journey. No extra cost.

All insiders team members will conduct the experiences with safety. The experiences and activities are covered by Personal Accident Insurance and Liability Insurance.

Where is the meeting point?

The meeting point between the participants and a member of insiders team, is indicated in the detailed program that each customer receives after confirmation of registration, timely delivered before the start of each service.

Your comfort is a priority for insiders. Therefore, the meeting point is a local of your choice (within the area where activities take place, usually Lisbon), i.e., hotel, street of your choice, etc.

All services that include transportation, assure pick-up at a meeting point of your choice and transportation to the activities starting point, as well as drop-off to a location of your choice.

Are the experiences covered by insurance policy?

Under the terms of the applicable legislation, insiders tourism animation activities are covered by the following insurances:

a) Personal Accident Insurance - Policy Nº ????????? <Name of the insurer>, which guarantees, in general, the following payments:
a1) Payment of treatment costs, including hospital treatment, medicines, up to the annual amount of 3,500 Euros;
a2) Payment of a capital of 20,000 Euros in the event of death or permanent disability of its CUSTOMERS, reducing capital by death to reimbursement of funeral expenses, when they are under the age of 14 years.

b) Liability Insurance - Policy No. ????????? <Name of the insurer>, which guarantees, in general:
b1) 50,000 Euros per claim and annuity that guarantees damages caused by claims incurred during the life of the policy, provided that claims up to one year after the termination of the contract.

You can request us to present the insurance policies.

The activities subcontracted by insiders to another company are covered by the insurance policies of the subcontracted companies.

All insurances are validated by the Portuguese regulator of tourism: Turismo de Portugal.

Is there any special requirements to attend insiders experiences?

For your safety, insiders made a list of recommendations for each service we provide, available at the experience program of activities.

We also would like you to assure that all participants are in adequate health conditions to participate in the activities, and accept the nature of the activities, such as the risks inherent to the activities involved and the impossibility of immediate access to medical care. Also that you are aware of the physical, psychological and cultural requirements that some of the programs may involve, including unforeseen situations.
Please inform insiders, at least 3 working days prior to the day on which the activities take place, of any restrictions and difficulties that all participants may have in carrying out the proposed activities.

But no worries. All our team members will conduct the experiences with safety.

I can't attend. May I be replaced by another person?

Yes! Just be sure that the surrogate meets all the necessary requirements for the trip (health, fitness, availability for the dates in question, necessary documents, etc.) depending on the activities you signed for. We also need you to notify us (by letter, e-mail or message - see contacts) at least twenty-four hours in advance of the date and time scheduled for the start of the activities.

May I change the schedule date/time for the activities?

It is always a priority for insiders to carry out the proposed experiences. However, the modification of the date and time of a scheduled activity depends of the availability of insiders booking agenda.

May I withdraw my booking?

After customer registration and payment, insiders make all reservations necessary to accomplish the program activities. However, it is always a priority for insiders to carry out the proposed experiences.

Therefore, if the withdrawal is made with more than twenty-four hours preceding the date and time scheduled for the start of activities, the customer may require insiders to change his enrollment to another date or to another program, depending on the consent and availability of insiders. If it is possible to make the change, it may be subject to expenses and charges resulting from the change of the program. 

If the customer withdrawal from an activity or program, during 24 hours preceding the scheduled date and time for the start of activities, the customer will lose the total value delivered to insiders under the condition of sign nonrefundable.