Second Home Lisboa “is the world’s most exciting and innovative place for creative people to come together — in the pursuit of great work. Second Home Lisboa is a new working environment supporting creativity and entrepreneurship, based in the vibrant Mercado da Ribeira, in the heart of Portugal’s capital city. In iconic environments designed by award-winning architects selgascano, Second Home allows members to connect with a network of Europe’s most talented entrepreneurs, innovators and creative leaders.”

”The teams based at Second Home are some of the most ambitious and creative in Lisboa. We carefully curate a community of diverse industries and disciplines – from fashion and design, to financial services and technology. 80% of our members are chosen because they contribute to the diversity of our community – by being at the intersect of different fields, or belong to an underrepresented industry or demographic. The remaining 20% are picked because the work they do is helpful for companies as they scale, contributing to the success of the overall ecosystem.”