Terms and Conditions



1.1. The INSIDERS (INSIDERS ADDFEELINGSTOYOURJOURNEY, Lda.) is a company that provides tourism services, with the taxpayer number NIPC 514285214 and registered at the Portuguese National Registry of Tourist Animation Agents (Registo Nacional dos Agentes de Animação Turística – RNAAT) license Nº 377/2017 issued by Portugal Tourism (Turismo de Portugal), and also recognized as a Nature Tourism (Turismo de Natureza) by ICNB.

1.2. The organization of the tourism activities provided to the CUSTOMER is a responsibility of INSIDERS company according to the Terms and Conditions defined herein.

1.3. These Terms and Conditions are complemented by the programs and specific recommendations of each tourism activity made available on the website: www.insiders.pt, which constitute the particular conditions of the service.

1.4. By contracting INSIDERS, the CUSTOMER acknowledges and accepts all the Terms and Conditions established herein, as well as the particular conditions of each service.

1.5. By subscribing to an INSIDERS activity, the CUSTOMER makes the following commitments:

a)Be aware of and accept all points defined in the Terms and Conditions, as well as the particular conditions of participating in an activity;
b)Is in adequate health conditions to participate in program in which he inscribes and accepts the nature of the activities, such as the risks inherent to the activities involved and the impossibility of immediate access to medical care;
c) Is aware of the physical, psychological and cultural requirements that some of the programs may involve, including unforeseen situations;
d) Is responsible for informing INSIDERS, at least 3 working days prior to the day on which the activities take place, of any restrictions and difficulties that all participants may have in carrying out the proposed activities;
e) Is responsible for informing the remaining (non-contractual) customers of the activities, recommendations, commitments and terms and conditions defined herein.


2.1. INSIDERS activities and tourist animation programs are, under the terms of the applicable legislation, covered by the following insurances:

a)Personal Accident Insurance - Policy Nº AG63715226| Fidelidade, which guarantees, in general, the following payments:

a1) Payment of treatment costs, including hospital treatment, medicines, up to the annual amount of 3,500 Euros;
a2) Payment of a capital of 20,000 Euros in the event of death or permanent disability of its CUSTOMERS, reducing capital by death to reimbursement of funeral expenses, when they are under the age of 14 years.

b)Liability Insurance - Policy No. RC63715243| Fidelidade, which guarantees, in general:

b1) 50,000 Euros per claim and annuity that guarantees damages caused by claims incurred during the life of the policy, provided that claims up to one year after the termination of the contract.

2.2. The CUSTOMER can request the presentation of the insurance policy. By contracting INSIDERS, the CUSTOMER acknowledges and accepts all the conditions defined in the insurance policies. All damages attributable to the CUSTOMER , during the activities carried out, not covered by the policies, will be at the cost of the CUSTOMER.

2.3. The activities subcontracted by INSIDERS to another company are covered by the insurance policies of the subcontracted companies. These insurance are validated by the Portuguese regulator of tourism activities: Turismo de Portugal.


3.1. Registration for any activity or program will only be validated after full payment of the total value of the service through the means of payment made available on the company's website: www.insiders.pt. INSIDERS reserves the right to cancel any registration whose payment has not been made in accordance with the above conditions.

3.2. Minors (under 18 years of age) should always be accompanied by at least one legal guardian who will be responsible for the minor during the activities. The legal guardian must sign, before the beginning of the activities, a term of responsibility on the minor.


4.1. The CUSTOMER may cancel his / her registration and be replaced by another person in the program in which he / she was enrolled. For this to happen, the following conditions must be met:

a) The surrogate meets all the necessary requirements for the trip (health, fitness, availability for the dates in question, necessary documents, etc.);
b) The CUSTOMER must notify INSIDERS in writing, at least twenty-four hours in advance of the date and time scheduled for the start of the activities;

4.2. If the two conditions a) and b), mentioned above, do not occur simultaneously, it is assumed that the CUSTOMER has given up and lost the right to the service.


The CUSTOMER after having enrolled in an activity or program, can not change its registration to another date or another program without the consent of INSIDERS. Only when the withdrawal is made until the 24 hours of the day before the activity or program, the CUSTOMER can request INSIDERS to change the activity or program. In case it is possible to make the change, it may be subject to expenses and charges foreseen in the Withdrawal Policy.


If the CUSTOMER withdrawal of an activity or program, during 24 hours preceding the scheduled date and time for the start of activities, the CUSTOMER will lose the total value delivered to INSIDERS under the condition of sign nonrefundable. Only when the withdrawal is made with more than twenty-four hours preceding the date and time scheduled for the start of activities, the CUSTOMER may require INSIDERS to change his enrollment to another date or to another program depending on the consent and availability of INSIDERS. If it is possible to make the change, it may be subject to expenses and charges resulting from the change.


INSIDERS reserves the right to modify routes, programs, schedules, transportation, for similar ones, where there are reasons to justify them, such as atmospheric conditions, road traffic conditions, logistical problems, and other reasons not attributable to INSIDERS.


8.1. It is always a priority for INSIDERS to carry out the proposed programs in full. If, due to bad weather, insufficient conditions or for security reasons, the program can not be performed, INSIDERS may have to change or cancel it, on the days preceding it or, in the last case, during the course of the program. Participants will be advised and informed of such decision. In these cases, alternative solutions will always be presented to the program initially proposed or alternative dates for the realization of the program in which the CUSTOMER has registered.

8.2. If, for any unforeseen and exceptional reason, INSIDERS is obliged to cancel an activity, even though the CUSTOMER may perform the activity at a future date, the CUSTOMER has the right to prefer the reimbursement of the amounts paid to INSIDERS, or to request INSIDERS the modification of the dates.


9.1. If for any reason or reasons not attributable to INSIDERS, it is unable to perform any essential service to the program, the CUSTOMER has the right to withdraw from the program, being reimbursed of all the amounts paid to INSIDERS upon confirmation of receipt of those amounts, or accept a change in the contract and an eventual variation in the price.

9.2. If for the same reasons not attributable to INSIDERS a program cannot be performed, the CUSTOMER may also choose to participate in another equivalent program. If the program in question is of a lower price, the CUSTOMER will be reimbursed in the value of the difference, after confirmation of receipt of the amount paid initially.

9.3. The CUSTOMER shall notify INSIDERS of its decision within 7 days after being notified of the impossibility of complying with any of the points of the service contract.


The CUSTOMER gives express consent to all information, including personal data provided at the time of enrollment, to be provided to local INSIDERS partners, to assist the implementation and organization of the program, including tastes, food preferences, health information, age, nationality, spoken languages or other relevant information given.


11.1. All INSIDERS programs include the follow-up of at least one INSIDERS team member who will guide, track, and frame the activity. It also includes, if necessary, all safety equipment, specialized technical equipment and support material, which rules of use are described in section 14. MATERIAL AND EQUIPMENT.

11.2. The meeting place between the CUSTOMER, remaining participants and a member of the team or representative of INSIDERS, is indicated in the detailed program that each CUSTOMER receives after confirmation of registration, timely delivered before the start of each service.

11.3. In any case, it is the responsibility of the CUSTOMER to be in the meeting point at the time referred to the beginning of the activities. Any impediment to partially or totally realize the proposed program, as a result of the CUSTOMER’S and other participants delay, is the responsibility of the CUSTOMER.


Each INSIDERS activity or program has defined a minimum number of participants. The reservation of all activities requires the definition of the number of participants, by the CUSTOMER at the time of booking, which respects the minimum number of participants.


INSIDERS is not responsible, in any situation, for the luggage and personal property that the CUSTOMERS  carry with them, regardless of the means of transport in question or place of deposit. Theft or loss of any personal property is not INSIDERS responsibility.


In situations where INSIDERS or another sub-contractor delivers material, the participants have the responsibility to perform a normal, responsible and safe use of the equipment provided, and to keep them organized, properly packed and returned at the end of the activity, under the same conditions in which they received it. The non-refund, loss or damage forces the CUSTOMER to pay in full the value of the equipment or material in question.


All prices of INSIDERS programs already include Value Added Tax (VAT), at the rate in force.


16.1. Any claim made to INSIDERS can only be considered if it is made in writing through the contacts (address or e-mail) made available on the website www.insiders.pt in a period not exceeding 15 days after the terminus of the services provided.

16.2. Any conflict arising from this service contract shall be settled by the Judicial Court of the District of Lisbon, with express waiver of any other. For all matters not regulated by these Terms and Conditions, the Portuguese Law shall apply.

17. NOTE

The present Terms and Conditions are complemented by the program of each activity in which the CUSTOMER subscribes, constituting the particular conditions. The Terms and Conditions may also be complemented by other specific conditions that will be communicated and sent to the CUSTOMER at the time of registration, or others as agreed by both parties.